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Return to your optimal function and achieve your goals.

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The shoulder is the most versatile and dynamic joint in the human body. It offers more range of motion that any other joint, giving you the ability to do anything from combing your hair, to climbing a ladder, to throwing a ball.
This ability relies on a complex interaction between a ball (humeral head) and a socket (the glenoid) as well as the shoulder blade and the chest wall (thorax). These interactions are heavily dependent on complex interactions between multiple soft tissues including the cartilage, ligaments and muscles/tendons.
Any disruption or injury of these balanced interactions can cause significant pain, impairment, and possible disability. Accurate diagnosis of these injuries or conditions is the first step in returning the joint to an optimal function.

Specialists in sports injuries, occupational injuries, & degenerative conditions

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Spinal injuries and disorders can be major life-changing events. Whether caused by trauma, infection, degenerative disorder, or tumors, a spine or spinal cord condition can result in a drastic change in the lives of patients and their families.

Appropriate, non-operative management of spinal injuries or conditions is always the first choice. This may include physical therapy, medications, corticosteroid injections or other therapeutic measures. Factors affecting the decision between operative and non-operative treatment include the type of injury or condition, previous treatments attempted and primarily the functional needs of the patient. The patient will be given all of the information necessary to make an informed decision in their care.

Return to your optimal function and achieve your goals.

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The elbow is a joint formed by the articulation of three bones in the upper extremity, the humerus, radius and ulna. Stability of the elbow is a complex interaction involving both hard tissue (bone and cartilage) and soft tissue (ligaments and tendons) elements. Both of these are critical to the function of the elbow in the performance of complex activities such as throwing a ball and simpler activities like brushing your hair or teeth.


Dr. Lenarz is an expert in the treatment of complex injuries and conditions of the elbow including fractures, arthritis, instability/dislocations, ligament injuries (Tommy John), tendon injuries (biceps and triceps) and simpler problems like Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow (epicondylitis). Some of these conditions can be treated with minimally invasive, percutaneous or arthroscopic techniques and some require more complex open techniques.

Return to your optimal function and achieve your goals.

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state of the art, evidence-based, ethical and compassionate care to patients while recognizing and respecting their individual need


and nurture reliable, responsive and respectful relationships with all peers, staff, and organizations associated with the care of patients.  


and encourage the staff to advocate for both the patient and the business with open and respectful dialogue that continuously improves each, without fear of admonishment or reprisal 


a workplace environment for employees that is safe, inspiring and rewarding while respecting them as individuals with their own talents and personal initiatives


a contemporary knowledge base of techniques and innovations with a comittment to perpetually refine the professional skills that allow for proper implementation.

Return to your optimal function and achieve your goals.

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Our primary office is conveniently located just off of Hwy 40/64 in the Chesterfield Valley.

We also offer hours at our satellite office in Columbia, Missouri for our Mid-Missouri workers’ compensation patients.

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