Pre-Operative Instructions
Prior to proceeding with surgery additional evaluations may be necessary for medical clearance to ensure your safety. This may include blood work, an EKG and x-rays. We may ask your primary care physician and any other physician that cares for you to help us with this evaluation and a letter from those physicians may be necessary stating that you are cleared to have surgery and a general anesthetic. Additionally, it may be necessary to evaluate you for Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus (MRSA). This is usually done with a nasal swab. If you have had previous infections with MRSA please report this to Dr. Lenarz and his staff prior to undergoing any surgical procedure.
You should not eat after midnight the night before your surgery. You stomach must remain empty prior to a general anesthetic or there is a risk of aspiration and subsequent pneumonia.
Do NOT apply deodorant to the operative shoulder the day of surgery
You will not be able to drive a vehicle after having had a general anesthetic. It will be necessary to have someone drive you to and from your surgery. We also advise that someone be available to stay with you for a minimum of the first 24 hours following outpatient surgery.
If having a surgery on your leg, please review the DVT Safety Instructions (Link)

If you are having an arthroscopic shoulder surgery:
Shoulder Arthroscopy Pre-Operative Instructions
If you are having a shoulder replacement
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If you are having an open upper extremity surgery (Fracture, Nerve Decompression)
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If you are having a knee arthroscopy
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If you are having a lower extremity fracture surgery (Hip/Knee/Ankle)
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