At Excel Orthopedics we offer a responsive, ethical and evidence based approach to the care of the patient with an occupational injury. We are experienced in the determination of causation, and if necessary providing the appropriate treatment of the patient using contemporary and proven techniques. Establishment of realistic and reasonable expectations for recovery is done at the initial patient visit. Our primary goal is to return the patient to an optimal functional outcome with an enduring result. Work status, expected date of return to work and expected time of maximum medical improvement will be addressed at the time of each visit and provided to the case manager or adjustor at the end of the visit.

Excel Orthopedics will emphasize availability to you and your patients in an expedient and efficient manner. Same or next day appointments will be made available if at all possible. Clinical notes and documentation of treatment and recommendation will usually be completed the day of the visit and delivered to the case manager or adjustors in their preferred fashion (fax, email, mail). Our staff and physicians will be available to discuss patients’ cases directly before and after the visit. We will exceed your standard expectations with our exceptional patient care, exemplary communication, fair evaluations and consistent outcomes with enduring results.