Arthroscopic Treatment of Snapping Scapula
Snapping Scapula Syndrome causes pain along the inside border of the shoulder blade adjacent to the spine. This pain is often associated with mechanical symptoms including snapping and grinding. Treatment of this depends on the severity of the symptoms. Dr. Lenarz uses advanced arthroscopic techniques to cure this condition.
This is often a missed diagnosis because it is not a very common problem and at times persons may go through many unnecessary tests and procedures without resolutions of their symptoms. Specialized training allows for accurate diagnosis as well as arthroscopic treatment of this problem.

The arthroscopic procedure can be done at the hospital or an outpatient surgical center. Through very small incisions, Dr Lenarz inserts small instruments into the region between the shoulder blade and chest wall including a camera. The procedure resects the bursa from the area and removes any bony prominences or spurs.

After the surgery, the patient will wake in the recovery room in a sling. Mobilization of the arm may begin immediately however Dr. Lenarz recommendeds avoiding heavy lifting, pushing or pulling for the initial 4 weeks. The dressing may be removed and the patient may shower the day following surgery. The patient is asked to NOT scrub the incisions but allow water to wash over them, and to call with any questions.