The two most commonly compressed nerves are the Median and Ulnar Nerves in the arm. Median Nerve compression most commonly occurs at the wrist, called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Surgical treatment of this pathology is done by many techniques. Dr. Lenarz’s preferred method is through a very small incision in the palm through which he is able to release the entire ligament under direct visualization. This is a Carpal Tunnel Release.

Ulnar nerve compression most commonly occurs at the elbow. This is called cubital tunnel syndrome. Surgical treatment of this is done through an incision at the elbow. The areas of constriction are then released. Occasionally, it is necessary to also transpose or move the nerve from its normal position to another position in the forearm.

Dr. Lenarz performs these procedures as an outpatient at the hospital or at a surgery center. No period of immobilization is required and recovery is usually quick, often with immediate symptom relief.

  • Cubital Tunnel Release Post-Operative Instructions
  • Phase I PT Protocol
  • Phase II PT Protocol
  • Phase III PT Protocol